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  • media handling shipping
    Web live seminar: “Media Handling Training for the Shipping Industry”
    £118,30 tax included
  • oil-discharge-monitoring-equipment.
    Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME)
    £50,70 tax included
  • developing your cognitive skills
    Developing your Cognitive Skills
    £76,05 tax included

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  • stcw crisis management training
    STCW Crisis management and human behaviour for passenger ships, A-V/2 pa.4
    £76,05 tax included
  • stcw crowd management training
    STCW Crowd management on passenger ships, A-V/2-1
    £50,70 tax included
  • STCW PST and FPFF refresher bundle
    STCW PST and FPFF refresher training online, A-VI/1-1,2
    Product on sale
    £333,78 tax included
  • STCW BST Refresher online
    STCW Basic Training Refresher Bundle online, A-VI/1
    Product on sale
    £421,66 tax included
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