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6005 – Resilience Training Programme: What is resilience?

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Course category: Resilience Training Programme


Description: SQLearn develops e-learning material on Resilience related topics. The aim is the improvement of crew’s (including all ranks) capacity to successfully deal with stressful personal or professional challenges or events and take effective decisions. Each module can be customized according to each company’s training approach and philosophy. This is an interactive e-learning course (not just CBT) that is designed according to ABS standards and is certified by ABS. The course incorporates reflective learning methodologies and is based on updated material according to the latest industrial and enterprise standards. Resilience Training Programme – Module 5, has the following structure:

  • Module objectives
  • Theory (The meaning of resilience, the definition, the resilient way to face up a situation, etc) presented in an interactive way
  • An Example (3d animation): The case of ‘The lost way’ – Through the story where the protagonist is losing his way, we can see change, the different perspectives of it, moving to  decisive actions and self-caring. These four elements consist the meaning of ‘Resilience’
  • 3 Discussion topics

Resilience Training Programme module 5 is accompanied by a Facilitator Guide.

Delivery method: This e-learning course can be delivered either via a dedicated USB drive or with the Dolphin System that supports easy access for all seafarers onboard and ashore, live reporting, flexible update mechanism and more.


  • Industry Best Practices

Duration: 1h