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1003 – Oil record book – Part I (Machinery Space)

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Who should attend: Masters and Engine officers, Cadets

Objectives and Benefits: Provides guidance on how to record a wide variety of operations by following the IMO guidance (including handling of bilge water and sludge, bunkering and fuel tank ballast operations). A number of common sources of oil record book mistakes are highlighted, together with the IMO recommended way of making corrections. Guidance on how to keep accurate records that will provide evidence to Port State Control that the ship has handled oil and oily waste correctly and that the regulations have been complied with.


  • General requirements for the filling in of the Oil Record Book, Part I
  • When and how to make entries in the Oil Record Book, Part I
  • What is to be recorded in the Oil Record Book, Part I
  • Common mistakes and possible penalties for incorrect entries
  • The correct format for filling in entries
  • Special areas under MARPOL

Legislation & References:

  • IMO MEPC.736, MEPC.187(59)

Duration: 6h