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1010 – Safety Food Sanitation System

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Who should attend: Members of the Catering Department

Objectives and benefits: The aim of this course is to teach the essentials of food safety, food microbiology, the sanitary design principles for facilities and equipment and the correct procedures for cleaning and sanitation.


  • Gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses;
  • Foodborne illnesses; causes and prevention;
  • Equipment and facilities (related to food and other areas);
  • Food protection;
  • Hazard analysis critical control points (what they are and how to apply them);
  • Potable water (protection and handling);
  • Housekeeping and infection control.

Legislation & References:

  • ILO-Maritime Labor Convention 2006
  • Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP 2011) Operations Manual
  • ISO 22000:2005, as amended
  • US Public Health Service Act (USPHS), stated in 42 USCR Section 264 Quarantine and Inspection Regulations to Control Communicable Diseases
  • World Health Organization (WHO) “Guide to Ship Sanitation”

Duration: 8h