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1065 – Food safety

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Course category: Common

Code: 1065

Who should attend: Any person, including temporary food handlers and contractors, who directly handles packaged or unpackaged food, food equipment and utensils or food contact surfaces and is therefore expected to comply with food hygiene requirements. These include crew members having responsibilities related to food storage or preparation, or to galley areas and equipment (use and maintenance)

Objectives and Benefits: The aim of this course is to properly prepare seafarers to carry out their duties on board ships, by applying the food safety principles.


  • Maritime Labour Convention and other international legal requirements and standards on food safety and personal hygiene
  • Hazards (microbiological, chemical, physical and allergenic) that can affect food safety
  • Measures to prevent foodborne disease at all stages of the food chain as per seafarers’ duties

Legislation & References:

  • International Health Regulations (IHR) (2005)
  • Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) (2006)
  • Guidelines on the training of ships’ cooks (ILO) (2014)
  • European Manual for Hygiene Standards and Communicable Disease Surveillance on Passenger Ships (EU SHIPSAN ACT) (2016)

Duration: 7h