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4016 – Ballast Water Management – Legislation

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Course category: TECHNICAL

Code: 4016

Who should attend: All crew (Operational & Management)

Objectives and Benefits:The aim of this course is to provide awareness of the Articles and Regulations of the Ballast Water Management Convention, the Guidelines accompanying the Convention, BWMP development, implementation and operation, BWRB keeping, the USCG Ballast water program and the EPA compliance.


  • Articles and Regulations of the Ballast Water Management Convention;
  • Guidelines of the Convention;
  • Ballast Water Management (BWM) Documentation & Certification;
  • Ballast Water Management Plan development, implementation and operation;
  • Ballast Water Record Book keeping;
  • USCG Ballast water program;
  • EPA compliance;
  • Consequences of untreated Ballast Water for the environment and vessels.

Legislation & References:

  • International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM)
  • USCG Ballast water program
  • EPA compliance

Duration: 2.5h