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1032 – Port State Control: Raising awareness

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Course category: COMMON

Code: 1032

Who should attend: Deck Operational and support, Engine Operational and support

Objectives and Benefits:The aim of this course is to provide sea going personnel (Operational) with the required information in order to prepare and respond effectively and properly to Port State Control inspections.


  • The role of Port State Control
  • The responsibilities of Port State Control Officers
  • Regional Memoranda of Understanding, AMSA, USCG
  • New Inspection Regime (NIR) and the inspection process
  • Port State Control inspection process
  • Deficiencies and consequences of an inspection
  • Major areas of concern of PSC inspections and Best Practices

Legislation & References:

  • IMO Resolution A.787(19), as amended by Resolution A.882(21)
  • IMO Model Course 3.09

Duration: 4h