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1049 – ECDIS System & Electronic chart types

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Who should attend: Deck Officers – Management and Operational Level

Objectives and benefits: Navigational Safety is a priority. The aim of this course is to provide learners with the required information in order to introduce them to the normal configurations of ECDIS and the various chart types.


  • Understand the basic information you should be aware of when navigating with ECDIS.
  •  Outline the basic characteristics and advantages of ECDIS.
  •  Understand the requirements for installing and operating ECDIS.
  •  Comprehend how to use the safety functions of ECDIS, how to update and protect ECDIS charts and how to record and back up ECDIS operations.

Legislation & References:

  • SOLAS Chapter V
  • STCW as amended
  • IMO model course 1.27 and Resolutions

Duration: 5h