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1100 – Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

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Course category: STCW Courses (Basic Training)

Code: 1100

Who should attend: The course is open to all seafarers and prospective seafarers and should be completed prior to employment on a sea-going ship.

Objectives and Benefits: This course aims to provide training for candidates in fire prevention and firefighting, based on the guidelines of STCW 78/95, Section A-VI/1 and IMO Model Course 1.20. This course covers the requirements of STCW 78/95, Section A-VI/1, Par. 2, Table A-VI/2 on meeting the minimum standard of competence in fire prevention and firefighting. A trainee will be competent to take appropriate measures for the safety of personnel and ship and to use fire appliances correctly. The trainees will also acquire knowledge of fire prevention.


  1. Minimize the risk of fire.
  2. Maintain a state of readiness to respond to an emergency situation involving fires.
  3. Fight and extinguish fires (Minimum standard of competence in the prevention and fire fighting thus protecting the safety of the personnel and of the ship ( A_VI\1 STCW).

Legislation & References:

IMO References

  1. STCW 78/95, As Amended
  2. SOLAS 74, As Amended
  3. IMO Model Course 1.20
  4. IMO Assembly Resolution A.602(15), Revised Guidelines for Marine Portable Fire Extinguishers
  5. IMO Assembly Resolution A.655 (16), Use of halons as fire fighting media on board ships


  • Olav Bo, Basic Safety Course: Fire Safety.
  • Robert J Brady, Marine Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and Fire Safety (Maritime Training and Advisory Board, USA 1998).
  • F. Rushbrook, Rushbrook’s Fire Aboard.
  • G. Victory and I.H. Owen, Marine Engineering Practice, Volume 1, Part 5, Fire-fighting Equipment and its Use in Ships.

Duration: 13h

Available language: English

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