STCW courses required for seafarers

stcw seafarers

STCW Code in Part A contains mandatory provisions with the minimum standards required in order for a seafarer, based on his/her rank, to be able to get on a vessel. According to STCW Code requirements, as those are defined in Part A, every seafarer should attend the following courses according to their rank:

STCW courses required for seafarers

STCW trainings per rankSource: International Transport Workers Federation

Amongst the STCW courses, there is a bundle of four (4) courses titled “Basic Safety Training courses” which every seafarer is obliged to have completed before boarding a vessel and is composed of the following:

Successful completion of the aforementioned on behalf of the seafarer leads to the acquisition of the Basic Safety Training Certificate. Additionally, the holder-seafarer has to revalidate every five (5) years.

SQLearn is the first company worldwide to provide STCW Basic Training courses, totally e-learning without the need of physical attendance even for the practical session, approved by a flag administration. This means that all seafarers are now able to obtain their compulsory STCW Basic Safety Training certificate from any place, at any time, right now.

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