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Train the trainer

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Who should attend: Maritime instructors and assessors who are responsible for conducting training and setting assessments

Objectives and Benefits: The aim of this course is to prepare instructors and assessors in order to successfully train and assess seafarers in a wide spectrum of topics, according to the competencies set out in the STCW Convention as amended with particular reference to STCW Regulation I/6, STCW Code A-I/6 and B-I/6 on “training and assessment”. The course is a helpful refresher for the experienced instructor and an asset for those with less knowledge on instructional techniques.


  • The purpose of training
  • Process of identifying training needs
  •  Benefits of training
  •  Aspects of the learning process
  •  Setting training objectives
  • Instructional techniques
  • Assessment techniques
  •  Evaluation of training

Legislation & References:

  •  STCW Code (Regulation I/6, A-I/6, B-I/6)
  • IMO model course 6.09 “Training Course for Instructors”

Duration: 7h