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Port State Control: Inspections

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Who should attend: All personnel ashore and ship staff engaged in the preparation of the vessel for a forthcoming port state control inspection, as well as Managers, Superintendents, Recruitment Service Providers and Senior ship staff, directly involved in assessing seafarer competence while conducting appraisals recruitment and monitoring of seafarer progress of performance for continual improvement.

Objectives and Benefits: The student will be offered a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the Port State Control New Inspection Regime, as well as the USCG and AMSA requirements, enhance awareness and preparedness for Port State Control Inspections and help achieve compliance with the requirements concerning safety integrity of the vessel and pollution prevention. Also the course focuses increasingly on items that may result in the most common and critical as well as detainable deficiencies which could cause possible delays to ships and financial losses to operators and the means of how to avoid these deficiencies.


  • The role of Port State Control
  • The responsibilities of Port State Control Officers
  • Regional Memoranda of Understanding, AMSA, USCG
  • New Inspection Regime (NIR)
  • Selection of ships for inspection
  • New Inspection Regime (NIR) and the inspection process
  • Port State Control inspection process
  • Inspection types of Port State Control
  • Deficiencies and consequences of an inspection
  • Port State Control and cargo operations
  • Major areas of concern of PSC inspections and Best Practices
  • Port State Control and Safety Management System
  • Port State Control and ISPS Code

Legislation & References:

  • IMO Resolution A.787 (19), as amended by Resolution A.882 (21)
  • IMO Model Course 3.09

Duration: 7h